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Public Affairs
PD Communications has 25 years experience in business, politics and government. In today’s world those three are inextricably tied together. Decisions made in the halls of government and the offices of regulators, can affect a company’s costs, competitiveness, and ultimately its bottom line. Because of the consequences of these public policy decisions, it is crucial that a client understands how the policies are being made, who is driving the issue and why and what they can do to minimize the effect of negative policies and maximize the effect of positive policies.

Working with the client, PD Communications will develop a Political Risk Assessment that outlines how government and regulatory policies will affect them and what steps can be taken to manage the situation and potentially shape the outcome. The Political Risk Assessment will identify areas of concern and present opportunities for positive messaging.

The assessment will be used to develop the strategy and tactics to aggressively address the difficult public policy issues the client faces. PD Communications will work with the client and their team to implement the strategy for success.
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Public Affairs
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