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Beginning in 1860, the Pony Express took 10 days to bring mail from St. Joseph to Sacramento. Today, through the internet, you can communicate with people all over the world instantaneously with the click of a mouse or the I Phone on your hip.

Communications has changed dramatically in the almost 150 years since the Pony Express delivered messages over the western plains to California. Two critical changes have taken place. First is the speed by which something can be communicated and responded to and second, is the ability to control the information that is being communicated.

Speed is merely a function of technology. In addition to speed, technology has brought us the ability to communicate globally with text, video, audio, and the worldwide web with new innovations being created every day. Controlling the information is the harder part and requires the skills of seasoned professionals.

This instant delivery of information creates both opportunities and problems for all who depend on accurate information to make decisions whether they are corporations, politicians, or government officials. Opportunities arise when a client wants promote their positive messages to their target audiences through creative communications strategies. The problems occur when the client needs to combat negative messages being put out against their interests by their adversaries or competitors. And then there are the times of crisis, foreseen or unforeseen, when all communications needs to be focused on resolving the crisis and limiting its damage.

PD Communications can develop effective communications strategies that address all those situations for our clients. With over 25 years communications experience in business, politics and government, PD Communications principal Patrick Dorinson has been a player in some of the central issues that have faced California and the nation in the last decade. He understands the nexus of politics, business and government, how each sector fits into the public policy discussion and the critical role effective communications strategies plays in assisting our clients achieve their goals.

Let PD Communications go to work for you so that you can maximize your opportunities, minimize your problems and prepare for the inevitable crisis.
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